Upper Elementary Science Club

Unearth scientific discoveries with us! This class will foster young learners' lifelong love of learning about science and innovation.
  • 3rd-6th

    U.S. grade level
    • Self-paced

      workbook & replays

    optional live classes

    • 3-8 learners

      per pod
    • Meet 1x

      per week
    • Recurring

    • 45 minutes

      per session

      No credit card required

      What you are going to learn

      Everything you never knew about science and scientists

      With a perfect blend of education and entertainment, this class not only builds a strong foundation in science but also nurtures critical thinking and innovation.

      Each lesson plan, crafted to stimulate young minds and fuel their passion for scientific discovery, includes a supplemental reading list, mix-and-match worksheets, and original reading passages. Curated videos bring science to life, while vocabulary word cards enhance language skills alongside scientific literacy.

      Engage in meaningful conversations through our discussion questions and keep track of insights with our note-taking pages and graphic organizers. Comprehension assessments and writing prompts reinforce understanding, while hands-on activities inspire creativity.

      For an added thrill, join our weekly trivia game-style live class and transform learning science into an exhilarating journey of discovery.  

      Note: This class is secular.

      Types of science:

      • Life science
      • Earth science
      • Space science
      • Environmental science
      • Scientists and inventors
      • ...and more!

      Learning styles:

      • Visual and auditory (curated videos, optional live classes, and on-demand replays)
      • Reading (original reading passages and supplemental books)
      • Writing (note-taking pages, graphic organizers, and writing prompts)
      • Kinesthetic (hands-on activities and projects)

      Class Contents


      Heather R. Huhman

      I have been homeschooling my daughter, teaching online, and developing curriculum since 2020. I've taught courses about writing, podcasting, entrepreneurship, careers, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, space, important people and events throughout history, zoology, land and sea exploration, and escape rooms about a variety of history and science topics.

      As a teacher, I am fun, enthusiastic, and energetic. My style will engage even the shyest learners. My teaching philosophy is quite simple: teach each learner where they are (in terms of understanding and execution) and how they learn. Learners are individuals with individual needs.

      I received my B.A. in Communication with a minor in business from the University of Missouri.
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